Cover FX Correct Click – Redness Review

“How does Click Stick work?”, you may ask.

This is useful if you want to put makeup in your bag and apply it on the way to and from get off work or touch up makeup during the day. If you like to leave your cosmetics on the dressing table instead of taking it with you, you might skip this container. All Cover FX Click Sticks that I must have must be Enhance Click in “Golden Peach”, because who doesn’t like a good highlight? It caught the light!

Cover FX Correct Clicks is essentially the brand’s cream firming foundation formula, but with corrective tones. The advantage and disadvantage of this is that they are in the form of twisted rods, which makes them very portable and easy to carry.

As I said, the formula is very soft and creamy. It blends beautifully, which is important for the color corrector. This is not to say that the color is completely gone-the idea is to cover up the problem area with a contrasting color and blend into the skin, which may leave a plaster, but then you finish with your foundation, thereby eliminating the strange tones and minimizing the root cause problem. Therefore, the formula for the correct number of clicks is perfect for this purpose!

In addition, the color of the colors is enough to make them blend completely without covering up the problem area. So the formula and pigmentation are great!

These are definitely a worthwhile investment for me, and I have always enjoyed using them!


$18.00 5.5g/0.2 OZ


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