Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review

From pure tones to full coverage, customized hoods allow you to achieve the coverage you need. Colored tonic, water oil or silicone resin.

The color is completely covered by the powder. It is easy to adjust the rate according to the base added.

The paint is coated with biochemical substances, and the eggs are biologically similar to the skin to ensure seamless mixing, reasonable control and the smoothest application.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops provide you with options to combine, create, mix, match and blend with other products or foundations to create your favorite custom shades or custom formulas and textures!

As I said, it comes in a dropper bottle, which is very useful because it can take out the product easily and cleanly, but most importantly, it allows you to precisely control the amount of use.

I find that using them alone does provide super coverage, but they look very, very unnatural, so you really need to mix them together for best consistency.

The product claims that it will not change the texture or finish of any substances you mix. I personally do see changes in texture and finish, depending on what I mix it with. Generally, the more drops added, the greater the impact on the formulation.

I like the concept behind the product, but so far, it has been difficult to find another product that can truly blend with it to create the finish I am looking for.


$29.00 7.5mL/ 0.25 FL OZ


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