Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation Review

When I tried this Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation for the first time, I was immediately impressed. It really gives such a healthy glow to the skin.

The natural Finish Foundation comes in a squeeze tube. I like it very much because it allows me to control how much product I want to use.

It is also easy to store and you can see the color of the foundation. All of these are packaged in cardboard, with instructions on the side, it is recommended to shake well before use.

I am using this foundation. It covers all my redness and discoloration so easily. When you squeeze it out for the first time, Natural Finish Foundation has a thicker consistency and is more like a cream.

If it is placed on your hand and you tilt it, it will not work like a normal liquid foundation. So I think considering the thick texture of this foundation, the squeeze tube packaging is a wise choice.

When you blend into it, you can really feel the rich consistency of the foundation. It stays thick and seems to really moisturize the skin.

As the name suggests, Natural Finish Foundation gives the skin a very natural glow. The surface is not so smooth, I call it dewy or shiny. On the contrary, it imparts a subtle glow and makes the skin look fresh and healthy.

What is your favorite foundation? ?




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