Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder Review

Cover FX Perfect Fixing Loose Powder is a translucent loose powder fixing powder that can be used for fixing makeup, suitable for all-day use, while giving a soft focus airbrush effect.

Compared to many bulk powders, the size of the bathtub is much smaller, but this may be a good thing because it requires less space to store/keep in your wallet.

In order to prevent the powder from spilling, Cover FX decided to add a lid hinged on the internal sieve so that the powder will not be wasted during travel.

Most of the setting powders I have tried will take away quite a lot of natural skin radiance after use, leaving my face with a flat matte appearance.

This is not the case with Cover FX. With its ultra-fine grinding and silky smooth texture, your skin tone will appear soft and matte, while enhancing the healthy glow of the underlying skin.

The powder itself is finely milled and has a buttery smooth feel. It fits perfectly with the skin and does bring a flawless airbrushing effect to your skin.

I use it to set under my eyes and my entire face. When I used this powder, I noticed a lot less wrinkles under the eyes. I don’t bake my face often, but whenever I do, the effect of this powder is very good.

Therefore, if you are looking for a new setting powder, I strongly recommend you to give it a try!


$35.00 10g/0.35 OZ


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