Cover FX Power Play Foundation Review

First of all, can we talk about packaging? Personally, some people hate this, but to be honest, I like it. You do have to squeeze the tube to take out the product, but I like that you can turn it upside down so that all the product can fall to the bottom when you get lower.

This foundation has almost no fragrance. Its formula does not add any fragrance, so it is really good for those who are sensitive to fragrance products!

I have used the foundation for more than 8 hours and I was surprised how long it lasted. The foundation did not break and I was not greasy at all.

The consistency of the foundation is similar to most liquid foundations-it is more fluid than mousse, and after dispensing some (I use the back of the hand), if I tilt my hand in any direction, it will move a bit.

When applying foundation, it does not dry out like other matte foundations I have used. The effect is very good when used in conjunction with a beauty blender.

Another advantage of this foundation is that it will not oxidize and will maintain the color you apply throughout the day. I can see myself wearing this foundation all summer.

I strongly recommend that you try this basic. I don’t know if I would recommend it to people with dry skin.




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