Cover FX Correct Click – Under Eye Circles Review

This product is very creamy and suitable for dry skin, but it is not too creamy and does not break down on oily skin. The product is in the shape of a small silver rod. Color numbers are mentioned on the barrel and the outer box.

I was surprised at how small the package was at first, and then I realized that the quantity of the product was almost the full size of the package. The $18 product is still not much, but I doubt that I will finish it soon because I only use it under my eyes.

It is creamy when you first apply it on a product you use often, and then it becomes a nice satin matte mask. Very suitable for organization and preparation.

The texture is very soft and blendable, so I dab it with clean fingertips and apply it gently. It can be seen through a medium coverage foundation, it is easy to apply and blend, you only need a small amount of product. So for this product, there is a long way to go. It covers my dark circles perfectly! I recommend brick color for strong circles or darker skin tones, while peach color is suitable for fair skin tones.

Hope this helps determine if the entire color correction hype is worth it for you. If you are sure you need it, hope this will give you an idea of which shades you can try.


$18.00 5.5g/0.2 OZ


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