Cover FX Blurring Primer Review

I tried this primer because I have heard good news about it.

CoverFX Blurring Primer is very suitable for reducing pores. The formula feels lightweight and glides easily on the skin. It is great for makeup, but it can also be worn alone for a natural and flawless look. I like that the primer does not seem to have any smell. Some of the other fuzzy primers I have tried are scented and I find it very troublesome.

I like the texture of this primer. So smooth and velvety. The foundation continues to be flawless. But here is a strange thing. This is the same product quantity as most primers, but I found that this bottle allows me to use it forever.

This is the perfect primer texture for me, which blurs blemishes and creates a good foundation for makeup. I only use this and some powder sometimes, it is really important. Good value for money, because you only need a small amount so that the tube can be used for a while.

Overall, I really like this introductory book and would recommend it.


$38.00 30 mL/1.0 FL OZ


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