Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray Review

The key to getting a gorgeous, dewy luster is to control the luster. There are not many lighting sprays that can provide an amazing healthy luster while maintaining the luster. Does this check the boxes? Let us find out.

This spray has the best mist you can find. This is great because you get a nice uniform layer, it will not affect your makeup, nor will it leave those terrible big drops on your face. This can also be a bad thing, because you are easily taken away because you can hardly feel it on your skin.

The packaging of Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray is the most exciting light-colored double chrome bottle. The gorgeous rainbow-colored holographic packaging is amazing and looks beautiful. I tried it, but it is difficult to capture in my photos. (I also tried using a flashlight to capture rainbow colors haha!)

Although the mist is very fine, the lighting spray is strong and powerful. We must shake the bottle very strongly to avoid too much light.

I absolutely love it. The app is also fragrance-free and is a wonderful mist that feels like you are in a spa.


$31.00 120 mL /4.0 FL OZ


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