Cover FX Monochromatic Bronzer Duo Review

Cover FX Sunkissed Bronze Monocolor Bronzer Duo is the lighter of the two available bronze duo. It has more golden undertones running through matte and shimmer tones.

Both bronzers are tinted, mixable, easy to use, and have eight to nine hours of wear.

What attracts me is the packaging. I like their appearance, almost retro look, and the cream packaging is really attractive to me. What surprised me the most and I also like them is that they have magnetic closures. It really is a luxurious feeling, what sets them apart from other cleansing and beauty brands I have tried.

These bronze color palette combinations do not contain talcum powder, and the colors are true and effective, including matte and shimmer tones, and can achieve monochromatic and multi-dimensional effects. Use alone or in stacks to customize your finish.

The powder has a finely milled silky consistency, not powdery, and it feels almost velvety with some creaminess. The bronzer blended effortlessly on my skin and stayed on me for eight and a half hours.

I am very positive about these products.


$38.00 0.51 OZ/14.5 g


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