Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation Review

They say that change is good for you, although I don’t always agree-hello, change can also be very scary-unless you are talking about Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation.

Cover FX Pressed Mineral Powder has a lightweight texture-whether it is on the touch or on the skin-and provides transparent to medium full coverage.

The fact that it is so lightweight means that you can easily build in areas that require more coverage without making it look clumsy or bulky.

It looks lighter on my skin than in a pan. What makes this foundation so great is that the powder contains a lot of pigment, so you need a small amount to cover the veins under the eyes or any minor pigmentation issues.

It does not cover freckles or birthmarks, so its coverage is not that high, but I would say it is a medium coverage foundation.

In general, I am a big fan of this foundation! It can be worn perfectly all day long and can be easily retouched without worrying about lumps/product buildup.

This is also a good powder, which can be used with light BB cream and foundation to increase coverage and durability

This foundation also includes the sponge in the powder, but I haven’t tried it yet because I like to apply the foundation with a brush. I think I might also like to use this sponge, because sometimes I use a beauty blender to apply translucent powder on my liquid foundation.

Are you a fan of mineral foundation? Have you tried this?


$38.00 12g/0.42 OZ


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