Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation Review

Today’s post will cover the Skin & Beauty products of another star brand, especially Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation.

Cover FX Cream Foundation has never let me down because of its worry-free formula, suitable for sensitive skin types, free of mineral oil, perfume and parabens. It has been my favorite since the past few months.

The concealer looks too small to use on my large area, but the cream foundation looks promising. I tapped it lightly with a finger, and then applied it to a mole on my arm. It completely covers it. I was stunned. They are usually not even for blemishes, but for dark circles. People I claim they are “full coverage”, but usually they can’t cover my blemishes. I also have large areas of hyperpigmentation, so a little bit on the concealer is very quick to use and needs to be applied with fingers forever.

Surprisingly, it is very comfortable to wear and very light on the skin. In my opinion, this is all in the formula because it is almost like a non-sticky gel. It’s neither cream nor dry, it’s in the middle. The coverage is buildable, which means it can make you look like a spray gun on certain occasions.

Overall, I like this product. If you are looking for a good cream foundation this winter, I strongly recommend you to check it.


$42 10g/0.35 OZ


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